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Melo appreciation post.

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Super Junior M - Breakdown Era
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01.17.85 - "Happy Birthday Kim Youngwoon!"
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Super Junior in MAMA (2012) 

Awards: Best Line Award, Best Global Group - Male, Album of the Year

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Leeteuk at SS4 requested by anon
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Leeteuk’s Letter to Park Jungsoo

Leeteuk’s written letter to Me
In this big world we are sitting on, let’s take care of our heart!
To Park Jungsoo,

"During your training period for 5 years, you said you want to do activities for 7 years and then go to the army. It all happened like you said so, it’s really amazing.
>More than anyone else, the one whom I want to reaceive acknowledgement of (my) success is YOU. To be honest, right now, I still can’t believe all the love I have received is scarily overflowing that leaving it empty for a while makes me worried. Even so, receiving a lot of interest and enlisting like this is good, right?
Using being busy as an excuse, to the ‘you’ whom I’ve forgotten and kept in one corner of my mind I am writing this. I think going for military service isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
People don’t know it well but the introverted and timid you had to be shameless sometimes and be patient. You have put up with it until now. I’m proud of how you came to be.
I have a lot on my mind but this time, for a while, I want to put everything down. As a leader I have always taken care of everything around me, now the time for me to take care of only you has come. When I look at the mirror, when I see you, the part of you that was unknown had been found and was nurtured.
It’s hard and lonely but when this time passes, you will be sitting on this big world with a deep heart. After 21 months, I will meet up with a more awesome and upgraded ‘you’ carefully looking forward. I love you. Take care in the army.”
From: Leeteuk

Source: Naver
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4-7/30 photos of Kyuhyun

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2-3/30 photos of Kyuhyun

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